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AULA 1- Curso Photoshop CC

says guys that the dot-com court group welcome to the new clown secrets photoshop course this one is the last version of the program throughout this course we’ll see several resources and program tools and in this first class we will be showing the first steps so we will start learning how to bring a photo into photoshop has several ways to do this if you come straight through the windows you is browsing the windsor hotel if you work how do you have your fire you can just drag the photo that is in your computer's folder into the program that automatically it will open now don't confuse doing this from here through windows or the panel if you work how do you play inside do do this here fai o open then you see the photo here try to drag and it doesn't work course will not work because a thing or open directly from the program menu failed yesterday I came here to select an open and quite another thing is saw navigating straight through the computer and dragging from here to there then or drag straight from the computer or once you've selected fai open you will have to come here has not dragged there you have to select and open or double-click directly on the photo you want to bring to you can even bring one more photo was open I will open another one here it will open two different boards if I want at once I can also already will say that I want here all to select all reopened no problem the program will open one after the other for me and I can browse here you can see he has he selected the stage he has the stage area for us to view the image and up here it has the tab mode that a mode very smart for us saves space and if you don't like me for here you can also come here for windows in the year and here you see the names of files what you can see which one is selected right is a shortcut that you can choose to option against the tab and each time you press against the tab it will navigate from one image to another it's just to close just click here in neighboring chile the control w that it will close for us when we do an image into the program you will see that in the layers panel on the layers panel he has a lock here where the image I saw here against o I'm going to open another image here, he is always fine with this crucible here with this lock I can't basically do three things I can't drag the funds cannot be moved because you have your layer locked is the that he's saying to me I can't erase it after the athletic will he doesn’t let me change my position if I want to duplicate him here and want to change his position he doesn't let tap that is blocked so what i have to do is usually the best option i have i i already have this as a little girl all photo with bruno photoshop the first the action I take is to remove this lock, ok, I could come here and simply double click on the padlock and give an ok in that panel that opens now released now I can delete it managed to drag I can do everything I couldn’t do so better option better habit for you to acquire with photoshop are you the first time you open an image you can bring an image here right away you make the public on top of that lock that is giving you an ok he releases for you the right credit card beauty how to get back here for another image one very cool thing to do in photoshop is also to change the color of the work space so I can come here is preferably interface and here notice I drag here up a little bit this panel and so that it has four tones it has a darker shade 15 a little lighter another lighter and an almost white so when you select it will changing for you has nothing to do with photography ok it's just the workspace ie the panel here in the program will have a different light intensity a of the other and you can change it anytime you want it's a joke with adobe did is that if you select shift it's forgiveness contract out shift and you click it changes it makes coffee and if you click again it will do like a toast give the same you select here and you can change the tone of your space is just a joke with adobe did is come back here leave it in the normal option I'll leave it here in the option whiter lighter I think it’s easier for us to visualize this you can change the time you want just come here is preferably interface and you can change if you work with the mec is a little different you will have an option here photoshop preference interface and there you go take the same panel that we just saw if I want to generate a new file you can see here in fayo mil or as we have seen there are shortcuts here his shortcut is against the enemy so I'm going to dictate that he found n it will appear to me here this panel on this panel I have a name file that I can give here for example class one here it gives me the proportions i want is to define so i can come here for example it has here internet on ppa it will appear to me the most common formats to 4 to 3 and so on I have here also the is the option to photography it will already give me here the formats that I want to work it has the option of web it will give me here the most common formats on the web 1280 for 800 if you work with video you also have an option here video it will give you the options hdtv high resolution cinema formats two cars already gives you 2004 2048 pixels by 1556 pixels and so on the 4k etc if you want to define yourself by hand format yours you can choose the option is canton and here you will put has other options like this one thousand m3 centimeter is tough but I advise you to get used working with pixel format in photoshop I will put here for example 1200 pixels per is 16 700 high and I will give a ok he turned to me 1,200 by 700 I can create one more to come back here it was new I can create another one now I don’t know we’ll see 400 by 100 resolution I can put 72 pixels per inch on the internet problem but if it were to print it could put 300 for example to have more quality so you can change some things here instead of having the white background I can also let the background transparent if I want is when it's ok it will come with this series to vote against or to zoom in on this symbol here checkerboard is the transparency symbol of later we'll see a little better this is good in addition we will also come here how to optimize our work space what these panels are for so in this case here i have i'm going to reopen here other photos instead of working with those same files to a very easy option to import is also the double click on this gray area that is here in easy smoke of the public in this gray area that has nothing I can bring here my images he brought the four images against the team I navigate from one to the other and a very cool option, the following is your drag it that I do click select here the name of my photo that is up here and I dragged it down I I'm going to leave her on a floating panel Look, she's not in tab mode anymore I can take them all out if I want to just click on the name and drag it to down so now i have all my photos as a floating panel if I want to go back for him there, just select and drag him and so that when I play it here it makes a blue ball when the south edge appears just let go back here blue edge drag it there as soon as i see the blue board i just took my photo it goes back to tab mode this is a very practical way of working in addition there are some panels here notice that the same as I have the tab mode with the pictures i also have a tab mode numbers program panels i I have here foot channels channels so I have the tab mode here on my program and so I have a small arrow here that I can open and I I can close it then click on it opened click on it closes and it works for all panel that appears with this option so I have the options here just for example if I don't want to be there this panel here I can select the name here and drag him out and leave him here look at him independent it is i don't want to be there i would be here i will put it here or not I wanted these two together so I can drag and put one inside the other in the same way it makes a blue ball when I release and I insert one inside the other so this is very good because it gives a flexibility of close the panel open the panel to mix one panel with the other to make one panel independent of the other so you have a lot of flexibility to organize your respect the way you want this is very cool in the program and you also have the workspace ready to people already see a little bit about it here if I want to, for example, minimize this self can i make the public about the club name surname it closes just one click he reopens the public's own say he will close a click he will read click it will close a click only it will inhabit you have this option to play with the panels and you also have the option here to window the workspace and it has several panels several other fish already configured the for example chest and it will give you here the painting options already have separate brushes here the colors etc if you come here windows xp did typography it will already give you the typography here the fonts for you work and so on and notice that these same workspaces that are here windows did and they are here they are also here, notice that they even have the same names the item it is here what we opened first we changed this is it here window recent space is his fire pattern is a standard model in it I already said I already took a panel I threw on the side and maybe a mess here if I want I can go back to reset it does not come here the window the workspace and I put here the reset essentials it will reorganize with the default of program 'ok and if I want I didn't like the way it was I want this here I want this one I don't want for example or work and I don't want it I came here iron it or choose the color here i don't want a being that is me too I don't want to say that I'm closing here history will also say that I don't want it here and if I don't want it here I will show how what sets mine up I usually like to leave the risk here on top the pictures here on the side and holley ers here underneath I usually work like this is not any panel that I closed let's close here without wanting the risk and I closed the risk of regret any panel that the flash I can retrieve it here a hymn this enter now back to active than before the info here the crack coping panel I closed it I can come here to bring it back anytime I want and it will shows the ones that are already open or with the union here beside the little sign dedicated it shows the ones that are open at the moment ok so i can organize the way I prefer working with the program has an experience already in use in program you will realize what is the best way for you to work with the panel you can configure as you wish including here also has the same little arrow on the toolbar you can leave with two columns or you can leave it in a column just as you prefer I like to work with two columns that were the first versions of photoshop already came like this i like to work i think it's a good way to work with this space gold once you have defined the respect of the the way you like it I don't particularly like many open panels because I can bring it here anytime I want in the paragraph that I bring paragraph a didn't come but the paragraph I can come here in this little table I can just close the paragraph or I can close his group because notice that he comes with the group, right, select here for example the workspace banking it comes with several features here it there are lots and there is the navigator ok you can approach here a beautiful and where the drag this square it will zoom in it will run to people here in the image if I don't want to for example I can come here in this little arrow I can close the group and I will close the group whole of it right and so on I will not come back here put windows recent workspaces already configure the right I want I can save this so I came here the hymn the workspace newark space and here I will put no I know the color of the gulf work space one and I will give it 16 and you can also configure it is the menu shocking side protector etc.

This we will see after rotating a I know I don't care now anywhere in Tejo this new version is early photoshop is really good this adobe creative cloud package because in anywhere in the world that had connected to the internet it doesn't matter if they have another computer if you open a photoshop have it stuck somewhere else in someone else’s house can be there with the space the way it is if you are logged into your account you come here and you can see the workspace that saved the workspace and rodolfo automatically the program will leave only the panels that I selected already then this is a really cool way to be able to work on the program in another thing you can do a program that is also very cool is you manage to hide some panels so if you select the tab key in your keyboard that this has two cans one left to right on top of capitalized you can do this here look every time press it you choose the panels and if you want to hide only these panels here but keep the tools you can shift tab look shift tab you will hide the panels and keep only the tool thanks

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