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1-Minute Photoshop – Create Dramatic Black & White

Today we are going to learn how to create
Dramatic Black & White images in Photoshop, in Just One Minute! So, all we have to do, go to Image>Calculations. Now, it already gives you a Black and White
version of your image. Now we need to choose a Blend Mode which is
Dramatic enough. For this example, I'm going to choose Overlay. Now you can play with the Channels of Source 1
and Source 2 So, for the top one, I'm going to choose Green.

And for the bottom one, I'm going to choose
Blue. You can play with it see what looks great
with your image. I think I'm going to change it back to Multiply. Because Multiply looked amazing! You can also play with the Opacity if you
want to. I'm going to keep it at 100, and make sure
the result is 'New Channel.' And then, hit OK! Go to Channels, and see, a new Alpha channel
has been created. Now, make sure the Alpha channel is selected. Press Ctrl/Command A, Ctrl/Command + C. Come
back to Layers and create a new layer, and then press Ctrl/Command + V.

Now you have the Black & White version on
top of it. If you want, you can create a Curves Adjustment
Layer and make it even more dramatic. Just like that! So, that's how to add drama to your Black
& Whites!.

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