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How to Blend Two Faces in Adobe Photoshop Cs6

hey guys today I just wanted to UM make a quick video on something rather funny and it is on how to photoshop one person's face onto another person's face now this is really simple and really funny this is on cs6 don't ask me how I got it so yeah let's do this so we have kim jungeun and we have Miley Cyrus I'm going to put Miley Cyrus's face on kim jeong-hoon so what we're first going to do is we're going to select the background and then hit ctrl J and this is just going to add a copy of the layer so we don't screw up anything on the background then we're just going to go back to Miley Cyrus hit the lasso tool and get up whoops get just her eyebrows eyes nose and mouth we're going to do now just hit ctrl C to copy it and now you're just gonna paste it and now you're thinking how am I going to put this face onto his face now we're going to first do is you're just going to zoom in I know it's faceful Miley I'm sorry those those bad joke so now you're just going to hit ctrl T and you're just going to try and shape it and then you're going to turn down the opacity so you can sort of match their faces now this is going to be sort of difficult to this I don't know it's just going to be difficult so so you just want to keep on shaping it so it's really weird for some reason it doesn't need to be perfect but I'm I'm sort of perfectionist Oh maybe taking a little timebut it's going to be worth it in the end so that looks fine so I'm going to do is I'm just going to hit okay or enter you're just going to turn it back up and right now we have this I don't think you want to be showing this anyone because they don't believe that it's real so you're going to do is you are going to select the pixels of Miley and then hit select and then inverse then you're just going to hit modify from select and then expand then hit six pixels and then hit okay this is going to shrink sort of the selected so we can I don't know I don't even know it's just I know what I'm doing so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to delete both eyes like from the thingy and then hit on layer one and I'm just going to hit the Delete key whoops every remember hit inverse again once you expand it then you delete his face then you get Miley's face in there you don't need the background anymore but um you can keep it there just in case you need to do some erasing to get a kim jong un's facial characteristics in there also so now what we're going to do is we're going to hit select pixels now this is just going to select them all instead of expanding it again and then we're just going to control click layer 1 and then we're going to hit edit and then auto blend layers and this is the moment of truth you're going to hit panorama and seamless tons and colors you're going to hit that and okay yeah as you can see we got we got a pretty nice result it looks a little fake but you can always do some more blending and stuff like that as you can see like this there's some cracks right there but it's fine okay well I think we think we should finish this video here my I hope you guys laughed I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys can make Miley Cyrus better I don't want to say but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and yeah see you guys later and I don't know what's up with this side let's see real quick if I can do something about it oh okay this is even more weird okay I'm going to end it here bye

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