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hello welcome to this click tutorial all about photoshop in this one video I'll show you how to insert a picture into a picture in this example we would like to fill this white area with a picture and thus the monitor breathe a little life i want this screenshot here this one then paste youtube screenshot into this monitor so that one thinks the monitor is switched on and we are looking for each other on youtube for example a video procedure is the following we must once this area of ​​the picture must trace the feeling that is with us here this white surface the advantage of this example is that we don't have to do anything in perspective but simply have to draw a rectangle here and that works in several variations so i can basically use the rectangle tool trace this area here that is one variant i feel that now for example with one bright yellow so that you can see the difference, but that's for me a little too imprecise and i prefer the variant if you have straight space or straight planes such as this rectangle that you can see all over the auxiliary lines would have to ask the linear above so this grid here fade in that is called in photoshop rulers and you can if you do not see this here with you could this under the window view rulers show or hide when we insert the whole it is relatively easy to set an auxiliary line you just drag you go with the cursor on the on this grid the one on the linear leaves the left mouse button pressed and then pulls the first help lines down if you want to have them again pull up and release the left mouse button ok then let's build this rectangle according to me with the help of the guidelines looking for me to zoom very strongly into the picture could with control or on the mac with control plus and could challenge with control or control – me so now go into the picture and put the first guidelines precisely up here so that I also beat this one I will have a nice gray edge afterwards faking a kind of drop shadow for the picture itself i leave the left one mouse button go and when i come out i can see the first aid things I was set here the next help line is here on the left then vertically left to do this I have to hold down the mouse button again go and the auxiliary innards pull the sentences just like above and I do that for all four areas of the screen, i.e.

The white one background once here on the right side and now I have mine the screen or the area that we want to meet is now limited it is very easy with the rectangle tool that can be found in the palette left and you can use the rectangle tool to move away from the auxiliary lines a properly pull up and this rectangle you can already see that it is adjusts the guidelines so i have the perfect one beuster for my only picture i have it again in this bright yellow and see that everything is really perfect now So that I have my gray areas before when I do that without the help lines some is just a little imprecisely good now we have our only one insert form we can now also use the help lines fade out again or just fade in, we want it fade in and hiding help lines do well with control hair or control h Now, as I said, we have created this rectangle and now we have to think do how we get this screenshot in this area I go to this picture that I have already loaded into photoshop and have to mark this now completely that you do with the shortcut control or controller then you will see these guidelines around the whole picture do you have this so you have this completely marked and could this now copy either at the top with the bar under edit and copy or with the shortcut control or control c then could go back to the picture and you have to select this rectangle that we have created to insert activate it once with a left click so that it is highlighted and then go over this flat miniature picture with the cursor and with while holding down the control or control button, left-click it once the level is activated you see then the level is then delimited with these lines studied and you can then paste the image we just copied into the clipboard here this is done either via the shortcut or via the menu above and under edit insert insert special into the selection then the picture that you have in the clipboard will be pasted into it selection i like to do this via the shortcut the shortcut is a bit more difficult and it goes here via control or control for the mac dab alt and v to insert the whole you can see here that was now inserted in the original size with of course a mask that was automatically created for us so that we only show this area of ​​the picture what we are doing now the picture still has to be adapted to the surface form this picture monitor that works with the transform transform tool you will find it when the level is activated and the control tee or control t when i that you have now pressed you see that you see me here that that the transformation tool is already activated, of course Picture much too big for this area now and with control 0 I get to the initial value that means he is shown to me the entire picture and I see that the area of ​​these youtube screenshots is very large and tap it with the handle at the bottom right Keeping the tab key also ensures that the whole thing it is not distorted so I will now adjust it to the right one starting point from the monitor because we only have this this selection area is shown and adapt it as well as possible to the size of the monitor and go with controls or control plus something again more into the picture and you can see that you can see a lot more form screenshot myself and I want of course that you can see the youtube logo above or the search field and then adjust the size a little evening so that we don't have any borders and then press enter out of the transform tool and already see that this screenshot was added to me if I look at it now in a big way it looks pretty good you can Now of course refine the whole thing with, for example, one city ​​inwards that could easily be done on this level if that is selected do it with a double click there you come that this menu of the level stieler menu and there is a nice smart filter the shadow inwards which of course replaces much too roughly I can still adjust this and would like the size to take a back seat here you see then always live here again shadow can or could look like the largest two pixels is okay and the opacity I go back to 6 percent when i'm finished with my adjustments that is of course from picture different to picture could confirm the whole thing with ok and you can see then that this filter was saved extra, that means you can use this filter activate and deactivate and could also use a double click on this fiddler edit this is called a smart filter now we are very nice that the whole thing was inserted and we have breathed life into the monitor

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