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Das Pinselwerkzeug in Photoshop Teil 1 – Grundlagen

here is patrick in today's video i explain the brush to you photoshop tool the brush tool is a very extensive one standard tool which is why i decided to do two on this topic to record parts in this video is therefore about the basics why this video is aimed at beginners in the second part i will deal with the brush settings I'll show you the brush specifications I'll also show you how you do You can create your own brush and I will also give you the one or the other bring other application examples closer but here we can first get started with the basics so you will reach the brush tool You can also simply press the b key via this symbol here press and if your now with the brush draws then he notices when he paints with black that is up to the foreground phase the brush always paints with the foreground color and with the iks button you can switch between the foreground and the background color switch back and forth when I paint with white you can see here on of course nothing but when I over the black area over then you can see what happens exactly so in the middle I switch there now just back and forth and if I want to choose a different color I just go into this window and paint in red if you like or I would now go back and forth in white and want mails as background color people purple from so and if I now but the want to have the default values ​​back then I simply press the de key and then I'm back in standard mode that I'm back in black and white as background color I always come with the key back so what is noticeable now is that we the setting options, for example, we have the crossfade mode that I have already explained in another video you can also set it separately for the brush we have the opacity of the area and here so brush settings here we can, for example, change the size of the brush and the hardness of the brush the whole thing is also easier and without in this one To click the dialog box we can simply press the alt key hold down and at the same time we hold down the right mouse button and then we can move the mouse left and right to the size Change the brush and move it up and down we can move the hardness of the brush in this way and in this way and wisely we can now use the brush and then simply use it Our paintbrush paints one thing that still strikes us is that we are doing the printing here can adjust if you now have a character tablet you can this select option and now you can paint very carefully and if you only if you press weakly you get a very thin line for every dollar you press the thicker the line becomes, which is relatively practical that you just cover it can regulate the pressure that is a bit like painting with a real font we can reverse it and I want to show you further that you can choose between the brush types can you have different types of brushes let's take for example a rectangle now you can simply paint with a rectangle and in this dialog window we can also change the angle here on this one wheel change the angle of the rectangle let's do it this way you have different setting options here this is also a relatively practical thing if you mostly use it but in round brushes, for example when I'm doing retouching or so I don't really need the angle option anyway I would like to let you explain the opacity and influence, I'll do that again undo that we don't need if we now have the opacity in the flow to 100 percent then what happens what you know you welcome so a line we take now the opacity, for example, to almost 50 percent so then if we paint with it we get a 50 percent gray as long as we can not take the brush down we often over the make about it as we want and that does not exceed 50 percent or in that case, the 49 percent that are set as long as we now put the brush down and then drive over it again the place here gets darker yes with the river it's a little different we do it the once again up by the river if we can now go all the way down we can now over a point and the more often we over the point painting is getting darker and darker and we don't have to do it in between So it works even without what happened in between always make it darker that's like when you're with one now pen paints i make the river a little higher yes that's a bit high now but i think the principle has become clear that is exactly the difference between flow and opacity that is the opacity you never get above the set value as long as you does not settle and with the influence it gets darker over time, more often you drives over one and the same place so those are the two things i like to undo the rest what you can still do is just try to make a straight line drawing when I do it now, it's relatively difficult to do it straight I can not get that but there is the shift key I can now namely, simply connect two points with a straight line since I've been making a point here hold down the shift key and make another point and then they just get straight together connected yes that's also a relative practical tip if you work a lot with straight lines but you can here you can also do completely different things if you, for example hold down the alt key and simply select colors let's take a blue one now, then we can put a blue one in here paint or just skin tone that can be done simply by pressing the alt key click on the place from which he wants to pick up the color so and that it was almost now, but there are still a few here things if you click on this symbol with the right mouse button on it Do you see other tools for example the colored pencil tool which in principle is so what if hacker brush uses that one, however, i use as well as that’s why I’m not going into more detail now then there’s still that case that color replace tool which is relatively handy i can now this tool protects the structures but you can use it to change the color change now i could take myself for example let's get the gray background now I go on it with the old key pressed and when me this gray and now i can dye this shirt gray without affecting the structure of the shirt I will now only change the color but the structures remain that's a relatively practical thing to be honest, I now use it too the tool is not so super often and then there is the one with a brush where I do now set a color can say because now I'll just take it such a year red pink or something and what he does is that he just does the foreground color mixed with the background yes and that is now also in principle the most important properties of the brush your child Of course, change other things here in the brush settings I'll explain that to you in the second video

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