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Learn How to Create & Use Gradients in Adobe Photoshop | Dansky

hey guys Donsky here with another tutorial and today I'm just gonna be taking a quick look at gradients so we're gonna be going through the gradient tool and just showing how you can apply a gradient to give an image or some text a little bit more impact on the page okay so I'm gonna start by going up to file new and creating a new document 72 dpi is fine we're going to set the pixel dimensions to 1920 by 1080 okay white background is fine and then click OK okay so what we're gonna do is we're going to create some text with the text tool and I'm just going to type gradients make that text black so you can see it and just bring up in size and then double click our background to unlock it and make it an active layer and then just selecting both these layers just align them horizontally and vertically so our text is in the middle of the page okay so there's a number of ways you can apply a gradient that's what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna click this one here so to lock the position of this lamp I can still do a few things with it so I'm gonna create a new layer now you can use the gradient tool over here sometimes the paint bucket tool if you hold left and then just select that there you can access the gradient tool you can switch between that and the fill bucket okay and then you get your gradients up here and you've got some pre-made gradients over here or you can click on these points here and you can drag them to adjust the gradient or you can click them and then select another color so I've got a very disgusting looking Brown there and that can graduate through to yellow and you can change these you can do all sorts you can even use this point in the middle and you can adjust where the sort of mid point of the gradient is and then you can key and if you want it back in the middle you can key in a 50% here and it goes back okay so I'm actually gonna go and do that I'm gonna pick this one so this is a blue to white so what it's done is its sampled the blue that I've already got here selected is my foreground color so I'm fine with that blue but then what I want to do is I want to grab graduate this through to another shade of blue so basically a graduation or a gradient is on a gradient here's a graduation from one color to the other in Photoshop so I'm gonna pick a light of blue and maybe make that one gesture just a tad darker just to kind of emphasize the gradient a bit more and you've got whole host of options up here as well so I'm not going to go into all of them they're best explored just by playing with them and you've got your opacity and you can reverse which direction the gradient goes but these two here are the ones that I use most so you could have a gradient that just goes from one side to the other so you can hold left and drag and it will simply run one color into the other the two colors that you picked or three or four you can add however many colors you want into a gradient you could even have rainbow if that's what you want the one that I like to use quite a lot is the radial gradient and what you do is you simply click in the middle and then drag outwards what it will do so that wasn't what I wanted but I can click reverse as you can see up on the left hand side over here you can see it reverses the gradient so I can then drag it out and it's done it again I've reversed it and reversed it again right third time lucky dragged out from the center and you can see that now I've got the the lighter shade of blue in the middle and then it graduates all the way around out to the darker shade okay now you can create this another way we select our background layer right click it and go to blending options and then you've got gradient overlay and then you've got a whole host of options here so you can select radial from the drop-down list and you click this and you've got this same option so you can pick your colors that you want to graduate into one another or you can graduate a color into transparency so it will just fade out into transparent pixels so those are the two ways that I apply gradients so why would you use gradients well there's a million different reasons I could think of to answer that question but another one that's really good the reason I use gradients and quite a lot of stuff particularly with logos is when I'm mocking up different designs for clients it helps give something of a depth and a bit of standout so let me just give you an example of what I mean I'm gonna change my text color to white for this example so when you're picking colors for logos and things you might you might have like a color palette and you might just have a flat color so I look at that and it looks pretty standard it doesn't look particularly interesting I've just filled it in with a solid blue but then once you apply a gradient it just gives it a little bit of depth and just makes it look a bit smarter I think I know that's going to be a matter of opinion but it just allows you to present things in a slightly smarter way and I find this particularly effective with logos and you could even pick two different colors altogether so let's just create a third gradient and this time we're gonna have it running from let's go pick a sort of reddish pink color and I think we're gonna graduate that into here we go some shade of purple and we're going to have this going vertically instead so I'm gonna click at the top holding shift drag down you can drag in any direction by the way but holding shift you can do this straight down or straight across I'm going to let go and you can create something like that or you can simply reverse the gradient or drag up the other way a Nora versatility and you can experiment with this you could even go one step further and you can create your gradient and then you can start introducing other colors so I've created a new layer on top I've picked a very light shade of blue I'm gonna pick my brush tool set the brush to very feathered brush with the hardness down to zero make it a bit bigger and then you can just click and just be bring the opacity down on that a bit so then you can create kind of a bit of a random element and you can introduce as many colors as you like but this is just a way that you can blend colors together really nicely in Photoshop just to give something a bit more visual impact I hope this tutorial was helpful if it was please leave a like and let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe for more tutorials and I'll see you next time

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