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les2 1 – Lagen Photoshop CC (Dutch tutorial)

and here we are again for lesson 2 in this second lesson we go into the first section through the layers palette and for that we have a number of photos I will also put the pictures I use on my youtube to download so you can join the tutorial first open and a photo the pictures come from pixa b which is a site where you can download pictures that you can use so one with this one and I choose first maybe we will search nation is beautiful with the first I choose these expressions that this is mine background becomes layer then I choose from because yes I want there too around in have a single nice and pick it take a look at this one from one more which is also beautiful okay was going to do first is i'm gonna move the baby to the other background so i grab the baby with my left mouse button and i hold it i drag him to first talk leaf that is the picture of the fog and in the middle of the photo I let him go well the first thing you notice is that the photo of the baby the seemingly a lot is larger than the photo of of the forest and the background first thing we are going to do in scales to get the two equal the only correct technique to scale these days is with a smart object so that the quality of the photo is preserved and also all details and does not matter how you scale it looks at the original photo so to do this you say with your right mouse button the layer into a smart object with the right mouse button when you go to the layer click on your right mouse button and you convert it into a smart object at that moment we are going to scale how are you going to be ashamed I put the image on something small and then I press command t so first with the cooman plus and minus that little zoom out with him in and then i press command t command one brings up the transform tool forward and you can also find it here at the top under edit transformation but you can see that it takes much longer to find that so the you yourself are equal to you want to transform something or scale or whatever immediately click on command d on the mac and ctrl t on the pc we scale up the baby so that it is in proportion to the rest of the picture can be big so don't make me but we will go there partially scale up when you're done scaling and you think it's okay so then you can click on and to finally accept that format, you can also go to the yes tick go the accept you also find the transformation personal I am too quick to just click on you and and that's it format now of course you only see the baby we will zoom out again with ctrl command plus and now you only see the baby because that is layer one and the layer the because I turn the eye off you actually see the landscape when you look, there are a number of them options that can achieve many things here on the right have cover here and if you go with that with your slide you go go left then you will see the photo round appears maybe with the slider to the left the photo below emerge with this you can achieve all things you can see how you want it what you can also do with the filling and and it actually seems exactly the same so yes you think why is it in it for heaven's sake a cover and a fill because the soul fill ability to something in some other way he lowers the transparency also looks at the textures and the background so it works flowing but personally I always look first with the cover and if it does not run so well then I see if the swelling is better as an adjustment is also needed okay and what strikes me is that I actually think the baby is very beautiful so I actually want to have that under the background and at the back of I really only want to use the rays the sun is actually going to do that I cannot underline him now because the background there says photoshop of that is your bottom layer below it cannot so we have to remove it from the lock you do that by double clicking on the background and then you make it layer 0 no your bottom layer is on layer zero so you can sit the layer above it below You do that by grabbing the layer with your left mouse button and taking it to dragging down at that moment you will pass up nato forward that comes on top of the baby and comes down you can do it see by turning off the eye actually I want one and go into another layer and we go yes try to achieve the blending modes with, among other things, a blending mode here it is now on normal but you can also use it on all kinds of other blending modes and then you will see that it already creates a nice effect now would say and loops rings through see what they all do and which ones you like it well I've already walked it through for a while that we are here so i know i am going to rip him up you have many more options i would definitely advise checking them all once by walking to see what all of them can achieve on the pc you can quite easy to click through with your arrows unfortunately on the mic have not yet found how to achieve that with the shift carlo but then you don't accept so I always just scroll through ok well i would like to continue working with this effect so i put it on light and then you see the baby coming through and that very beautiful the sun rays there I don't want it on the whole picture, so now everything goes along I want to be here but not there so how are we going to achieve that you do that by means of a layer mask at the bottom of your layer palette see one number of icons on the right you have here trash can of course you leave me in addition, there is a new layer if you just want to make a blank layer then you click on it and you have another icon for folders you can if you work very well with a lot lower you can use it stop a joke and then you work in a structured way.

You prefer me adjustment layers I will explain that later you have a layer of masks there so let's go now and you still have blair style effects so a drop please one years drop shadow so he drop shadow or all kinds of other kinds of insects come cozy oh okay first so we choose the layer mask and click on it with your left mouse button and when you click on it, you will see a with leaf appear here that is actually your layer mask and everything that is white is now covered if I painted over it with black with my brunch so if I here here the colors quickly turn around it now sees white is above and black is at the bottom, but I can click on the arrow here I quickly swap the colors, so click on and now it is weak above if I do in my layer mask so it must be selected and not allowed it should just stand as I can now with a bridge and the brackets hair enlarge if I now go into that shell it was true then the foreground actually disappears because I just say now here is now two I look through holes in my mask, so the bottom layer is there emerge this you can do this way but this is not quite what i want to achieve i actually want to achieve it goes smoothly and how are we going to do that with a layer mask so I'll leave that but then I just choose a gradient below your gram see progress here and you choose that I'll put the white back on top and then I go from the corner to get my left mouse button and then I drag it diagonally to the further you go how smooth it goes and how far the team pulls if you do very short then it gets very hard with your mail leaving then it becomes somewhat fluid but also a bit further I would say we just go and see what he does so I let him go here and then you see what he will do, you see that the baby comes out and that here then the mask again you see it too here and the true this is that above layers are still visible but what is black there is the bottom layer visible, actually I think it is still a bit too far so we can also play around with the second option is a region gradient and at that point we can start to see what he does that is already better yes here we wanna not get quite a bit so my show is one a little frolicking how it wants to have well who would date yes I think this is beautiful maybe I want to get him out of here, but we'll do that with black so I grab my brush and I grab black again so I turn the white one and black color and I actually want that photo here too have gone a bit and ian because I see an edge there so we have to some more things we do put the picture slightly above that you do with the move tool that you move it a little more towards the room because I saw a very strange little ant sitting there and now i look with my brus and go into my layer mask with weak I just don't determine where that road should be with 100% because then it is freedom that takes you away makes you conscious in any case a soft conscious who saw the edges and for that I go down the cover so get the cover of the consciously I get to 20% now he does not go very fast right remove everything I make sure my layer mask is still selected I have the bus I have black ready to go ok if i rest now you will see that slowly but surely the effect removes what I want and he does this very smoothly nice way so here I leave it a little longer hinted and so i got it gone and so i go well so is time when we throw in yet another effect so we are going to see which of the other pictures can also use but before we do that very important you save to file imagine the photoshop the stop then you have done all that work for free so what are we going to do go to save file as lesson 2 layers and put it in the folder lesson 2 is 2 layers ok from now on all you have to do is press commands pressing or control 'is to save occasionally in between and nowadays photoshop also turns it on automatically after about 10 minutes so that's nice we will see what we can still use i want fame to slow down dont know if it gonna work we gonna make it just see with the lasso making a selection of the order with the smoke plumes and therefore also move to the document of the baby chappe the company and this too is obviously bigger for the resolution of that other between small but the g10 what is only for lesson purposes and is not really going to print or anything but I just told that they started to scale and how did we do that again we turned it into a smart object so we're going to get up here on layer two right mouse button into a smart object and we start scaling with ctrl or command t ctrl or command stop around scaling up and I just want those here somewhere in the corner well it shouldn't be a lot smaller because it's like him then come and have a look around the corner and we enter more with the Quran plus just zoom out and yes it is important to copy it to get fluent in the other pictures well we had of course in the previous one played with the eraser but I would have preferred to do so don't do it anymore because if you go green it really can't go away anymore the moment you start working with the bridge and you can see a layer mask at all times if you are not satisfied then you have you don't have to deal with those fifty steps I'm talking about 8 because if you here upstairs that looks fun and the see this can not be found here at the top at the history palette window, you will see all your steps are what you have done go back quickly and you can see what I've done all of them and that's fifty steps because that's what my preferences are set you can already start taking the photo when you anyway that wants to have that image preserved where you left off so that you are at all times back there I do not do that now but know that the possibility is in it ok i am going to add layer mask to layer two so I'm going to be standing here on the third iconic click on it and in front of their layer mask far now i'm getting my brunch with the black one color still and go here with that 20% and the intention is actually that you let him walk over after a bit more because then it is a bit long so that you let him run over in the picture we go maybe don't come here like that at all well this is of course quite hard and it is nice if you stand here like this and then we are going to upscale songs it just looks like those from behind the baby comes from oh if you want to scale from the ratio I'm not going to apply then you have to scale it with the shift key pressed So if you do not want that dog to suddenly become very broad then you have to created with the shift key and a nod from it the corner and then you scale up then that dog remains beautiful woman who have him a little piece place that disagree i let him like and and put them around a little further but here I actually want that yes that he kind of comes from behind so what are we going to do we are going to exist in my layer and we just prepare selection until the baby emerges but I want the edges right so I am consciously smaller that he a little less hard and I try to remove the edge as best I can there is still some small one and if you have that then you can always describe something so beautiful I actually think a bit too hard so I'm going to take the coverage down a bit here of the dog and I set it to 80 or 90, which makes it just that little bit more stands out less brightly and what I'm going to do is I actually want this part also have a bit less hard so here too I will play with me again consciously but then I put it on for example 10 percent so I take it again de aware i set my opacity to 10% with black make a really big bus and gave it one more time the fog on this side is getting less and may slowly disappear into my hat sings around okay well then we have had this the dog and and decide that from going to find nothing more and I actually want to use this for the colors tick just very nice and I think that with the blending mode is going to deliver something very special, so we go all the way into this photo drag and i would say yes i look what does what it does we are going to do the blending modes and see what effect that produces d you like a very nice warm color so yes this actually has such a beautiful sex, we will go through it for a while walk but remember look which one you like maybe others much nicer you may not of course I also choose loop 7 all through also out well I'm out I'm going to get these and then you see that here this of course from the previous photo actually the image is what I don't want so even there I grab my layer mask was my back turn it higher was the most I want to get rid of and i'm just going to be aware that that effect on you minus throws you a bit too and then to keep it transparent, the baby loosens up a bit no tick it again very nice existing old me but there is also something here guide look at it but also one that march to just something on so that the effect is less is less noticeable yes ok let's have a look yes I think that background will be much nicer with this picture you see that you are so with the blending modes you do very quickly and can achieve beautiful effects and that you can use it very differently than that you expect in advance I want something with the baby because yes that I like something more I want for example that she has an eye yes that something happened with it, now very beautiful blue of course maybe which are apple blue then i grab a new layer that sits next to the trash can I'm going to zoom in just press come on tess certainty and in my new layer I take the conscious and pack color and colors pack here this is your next color the background color and you can just double click on the next color you get to choose a color and then you can actually choose a color well I want it a bit brighter so pick a nice blue color 'and now you just paint over it once and you look for a bridge that is about a while great if you if you painted it once too and here and your family away what you can now you green from my what you don't need the sessions go too far on average just so this is natural not quite what I want get the images out so and it is not what I want so here I go again blending modes look what a nice effect on live and i do this throughout picture it already no picture let me see what is beautiful how you must be england I have this is something but we will go here for a while, the filling is a bit like down screws that are something realistic once but a bit brighter very subtly now the eyes have moved a little brighter well I also want something else with the face I don't know what so I do go see if I can find another photo that we can do something with can do look I actually also want to use beautiful urban and that use or under the other side I grabbed photo dragging it back and put it on the other side more and now I just go again search what I like and I don't even go to scale and I actually find it nice to see what it does many tick then still nice a little further this is not going to be him no ok let's just go back to covering up so I'm very beautiful there, I screw down a little and again seats too bright maybe also cover slightly down you don't know him yet the only thing I don't like is that it also happens here there I go again briefly that that effect to something there less strong because he makes everything intense I actually like the image that way so we're going to close it and save it and then have you at least practiced with the blending modes next time? try to explain what you can do for example with a layer style we have to use other images for that and then we are going to apply the layer style as well and yes after that we are also going to frey make sand because you need it more immediately so for now i close this one you have practiced with the layers palette you have whole a lot of practice with the blending modes which are very important the cover the fill and layer masks that really should be in your system because I almost always use one somewhere in my project layer mask exam and see you next lesson

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