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How to Edit your First Photo in Photoshop (1/5) | Adobe Creative Cloud

welcome to get started with Photoshop for photography in this series of videos I'll walk you through the basics of editing a photograph in Photoshop from your first editing steps to saving a polished version when you finish watching the series you'll be able to use the Photoshop fundamentals you learn here to make your own photographs look fantastic we'll focus on editing in Photoshop in this series but keep in mind that using Photoshop and Lightroom together are the perfect combination for photography you can organize edit and share your photos in Lightroom and take them even further in Photoshop in this video I'll cover opening cropping and straightening a photo in Photoshop let's begin in the Start screen which you'll see when you launch this version of Photoshop open the sample image we're providing or your own photo by clicking the open button on the Start screen or by choosing file open to locate an image when the image opens activate the crop tool in the tools panel and a resizable crop box immediately surrounds your image you can drag any corner or any edge to adjust the shape of the box and you can click and drag within the box to reposition the photo underneath it when you do Photoshop darkens the soon-to-be cropped away pixels outside the box giving you a preview of what the crop will look like to constrain the crop to a certain size use the menu at the left of the options bar at the top of your screen which includes some commonly used crop presets for example to preserve the photos original aspect ratio choose original ratio now as you adjust the crop box the photos original relationship of width to height is preserved if you want to crop your photo to particular dimensions rather than ratios you can choose from this section of the menu which includes options in inches for print and options in pixels for online use if the mini doesn't include the values you want you can enter them in the boxes to the right of the menu if the image also needs straightening click the straighten icon in the options bar and your cursor turns into a tiny plus sign now click and drag to draw a line across airing in the image that really should be straight such as this boat ramp when you release your mouse button Photoshop rotates the image it's a good idea to have Photoshop hide the cropped pixels instead of delete them so you can change your mind about this crop in the future to do that turn off delete cropped pixels in the options bar when everything looks good click the checkmark in the options bar or press the return or Enter key on your keyboard to crop the image now choose view fit on screen to enlarge the image so you can continue editing let's save the work you've done so far by choosing file save as and in the save as dialog box choose Photoshop from the format or type menu leave the layers checkbox turned on and then click Save saving in the Photoshop format retains your cropped pixels as well as any layers you add as you continue to work on this photograph in fact it's a good idea to save often while you edit so at the end of each video in this series remember to choose file save to update this saved Photoshop document with your new edits you'll learn more about options for saving in the last video in this series so to recap in this video you learn to use the crop tool to improve composition and straighten an image and you also learned how to save the document in Photoshop format in the next video we'll use adjustment layers to improve this photos lighting in color you

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