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hi my name is Brian or Neil Hughes I'm the Senior Product Manager for the Photoshop team and today I'd like to give you a sneak peek of just some of what we're up to in Camera Raw this is an image off of my cell phone it's heavily compressed it's fairly low resolution and I figured it would be a great way to show you just how powerful this new RAW processing tool is we've got an entirely new basic panel and it's designed to give you more consistent controls you'll notice that the midpoint of all of these sliders is aligned we also have a couple of new controls with highlights I can recover more highlight information that I've ever been able to in the past same with shadows I can boost the shadows and get information that I didn't know was even available here if I were to pull back the black slider I could introduce a little more contrast and I can use clarity pretty aggressively without introducing halos we've completely rewritten how all of this works now where it gets really interesting is that I could take my adjustment brush and I could actually paint in a warmer tone I could reduce noise I could sharpen I could adjust all sorts of things I couldn't adjust before and I could do the same thing with the graduated filter but let's open this image up in Photoshop and I want to talk to you about just a little bit of what we're up to over here you'll notice that Photoshop looks very different we have a darker interface that allows for a more immersive experience we're able to focus on the image and not on the interface itself although fear not if you want to change the interface to look as it did before you can do that in fact you can choose a stop between or even a darker interface another thing that we get out of this is the ability to have a more consistent appearance alongside Lightroom or some of our video applications you can also choose different background colors simply by context clicking on dos I want to show you one other thing with this new interface we're working on all sorts of different things and one of them is rich cursors support so you'll see that in addition to a visual representation of my brush I also have information about that diameter hardness and opacity okay so that gives you just a sneak peek of some of what we did in Camera Raw and a little bit of what we're working on in Photoshop now one last thing if you're interested in that new RAW processing engine while this is not yet a veil Lightroom beta 4 does use the same processing engine in its develop module and that's available as a free download on Adobe labs so you might check that out

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