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Основы Photoshop для веб-дизайнера Урок 1 – 5 важных настроек фотошопа и создание кнопки

hi friends my name is danil fimushkin this is for creating site design procopia welcome to you and let's start with 5 important settings for photoshop for web designers so open photoshop, probably after installation it will be look something like this, I advise you to go to the Windows tab workspace and choose a typography here you will have a panel like this I usually close here this panel the paragraph style for this you need to double-click, you will appear the flyers layer panel and the corrector are working with fonts and of course the toolbar further I advise you to go to the settings click control to and in the Unitsky Rose section select pixel and pixel and are needed because we work for the web and it is baby who are used pixels they are centimeters points and so on ok next we create a new file file new and look carefully to see that the settings are set for each new project here the pixel resolution was 72 dpi rgb color to be color model and 8 bits all this, in principle, just click ok the next important setting, although I would like to tell you and many newbies forget about it settings ordinary arrows need to put a checkbox here auto select select a player and show transformation elements last fifth setting the setting for positive you will not succeed if you do not good mood, so with the settings we drove everything further now about the objects that are used by Photoshop for web design most often a rectangle is used from it and we will start by simply stretching and giving it set the desired color to the desired stroke color if you need its width, this is the stroke and we get such an object, there is also an object called a rectangle with rounded corners it is here next to you you can draw it select the desired color and select the desired radius of curvature in the latest versions you can conveniently edit it earlier it was edited here in the radius if you want to remake from birth it was impossible now it is already being edited here it is also important to say about an interesting feature of photoshop if you select an object and hold down the shift key, then it changes proportionally, that is, it does not deform, you see it is very convenient happens when you work with icons because if you just pull on some angle then you can compress the image and the proportions change when this holding down the shift key is very convenient and the next convenient thing that used by holding down the alt key while dragging you just copy element that is, you do not need to click there kontrol and control in the elite will be other things just charge and alt you can copy a lot of elements and very and very often photoshop uses the blending settings you highlight any object, double-click on this layer, you get this a window in it you can interact very interestingly for example add drop shadow and edit its opacity distance from the object the size of the blur and many other things look like this looks but it is important not to overdo it because start glasses are cleaned very often and a lot of these are used effects what other effects are there interior lighting texture mapping gradient mapping which is also editable, you can put the desired colors color overlay is such a volume, here's the inner shadow now I'll show you well here you just need to put a color here well, this is an internal type of lighting inner shadow stroke texture mapping and there are several standard ones options and but this is extrusion, that is, it seems to become a voluminous thing this thing can be used with the help of only those who have information which told you the mixing settings, you can make a cool button and so your homework is to make a button in three states see how easy it is, I create a new file and its size will be 400 let's 300 pixels of course seventy-two points from love ok now i take the rounded rectangle and set the radius rounding let's say 5 pixels pixels click here creates this rectangle I give it some color, choose it to your taste only this will be the fill color of course they are the stroke color as I have now set ok in order not to have a stroke you need to click here I need to select text tool for this I select this tool click on the one I need place and write e.g.

Upload upload select the font select the text select the arial font regular set its color white and let's say 20 pixels load select tool now arrow and align by the way for alignment, you can select the text select the text while holding down the shift key button and put well nod here it will automatically align as well it is convenient to use arrows if you poke at the keyboard one by one once it will shift by 1 pixel while holding down the shift key it will shift by 10 pixels a very often use arrows just for alignment here it turned out like this button everything is good add mixing settings click twice on a layer and add a little enlarge this inner shadow here I am I set it to normal and here we change it. a tick here we change the angle of this topic I will put -90 because how it looks and size let there be a distance let it be admissible four pixels and transparency will already be 30, so you can use either such settings, let's set this button to 57 even if you succeed then you can center align the selection the first and second layers hold down the shift key and press control g & g and you get a group name it loaf you need to click on icon in I for select your picture and it will be loaded for you directly to the Internet, you copy this link and paste it under the youtube video so that I can see what you have done commented if you have questions ask them if you have no gas download the link under this video too there is a dot com it is free and a very convenient tool, of course, if you use some analogue, you can give a link and you need a screenshot using an analogue and so do draw this button I I will comment if you do it, of course, if you have any problems any questions ask them in the comments if you are interested to see what will happen next in the next release and whether it will depend on you at all so press your finger up so that I understand that you are generally interested in this topic and click here to subscribe to my youtube channel you will receive free helpful web design videos every week we will be with you Danil Fimushkin bye

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