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Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 – Part 1: The Organizer (Training Tutorial)

hey guys this is Anthony Morgan T from Anthony Morgan T comm and this is the first video of a new training series I'm doing on learning Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and the reason why I'm doing Doby Photoshop Elements 11 is because it's very much like Photoshop it's like a watered-down Photoshop and a lot of people can't afford Photoshop Photoshop costs upwards of a thousand dollars and Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 runs less than $70 and I'm told it has as far as a photographer's point of view has 80% of the functionality of full-blown Photoshop so if you don't have the money to spend on Photoshop cs6 or the Creative Cloud which is a monthly subscription by all means get Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and you know watch my training videos this is the first one and what we're going to be doing is I'm going to take it from the beginning getting the cards or getting the photographs off the SD card and getting them in the organizer that's what this video is going to be then in subsequent videos we're actually going to be editing the photographs and there's all it's very powerful program despite costing you no less than $70 so there's a lot of stuff we're going to be doing if you watched any of my Lightroom training those videos were 15 to 20 minutes long my goal is to try to make these elements videos a lot shorter I talk a lot I know I've never met a microphone I haven't liked but I'm going to do my best to make these more bite-sized and rather have more video shorter so that you know because everyone's busy and they don't maybe they don't want to learn this part of that right now they want to learn something else and they get jumped to that specific topic before I start if you guys could visit my website Anthony Morgan t-dot-com I have all kinds of photography how-to videos and articles I'm adding to it every day everything is free stop by also if you could do me a huge favor I'd really appreciate this is if you could subscribe to my videos on YouTube and if you could comment on the videos and like the videos I'd really appreciate it it helps my ranking when people do searches on YouTube if I have a lot of likes and I have a lot of comments and I have a lot of subscribers and I'm really I want to help everyone with their photography so I do really appreciate if you did that okay let's get started we're going to start as I met Tory from the beginning I have put Photoshop Elements in my doc click to start when you first start it for the first time it's going to come up with this welcome screen and you could either go right into the photo editor or go into the organizer if you click this gear up here you could choose whether you want this welcome screen to start um you could you know go right into the organizer when you click that icon down there or you could go right into the photo editor it's up to you I'm going to leave it as is right now so we're going to go into the organizer and it'll open up the organizer in elements and as you can see I have nothing in there so we're going to import the photograph as you notice before I had an SD card in there so we're going to click in import from a camera or card reader now if you had it on your hard drive or something you just click those it's going to be very similar to this I'm going to go to the standard dialog first this is the standard dialog that will come up when you first import your photograph and so it's going to give you the location now it knows that I have a card in the in the computer so it's already defaulted to that SD card slot if it doesn't click the drop down and pick where your media is it is asking me of do I want it at this location in my root directory under pictures and I do now it's going to say to create a subfolder when you first start elements it's going to come up with the shot date the date you shot which seems logical then you could have all your photographs by the date you know in folders by the date you shot them but I'm going to recommend you don't do it this way because in a year two years from now when you have hundreds of folders you're going to say wow I probably that butterfly I took I want to find that you know I took that one picture and you're going to forget what data was and you're going to have to it's going to take you forever to search so what I'm going to do and I suggest you do is do a custom name and give it something descriptive these are pictures of Niagara Falls so I'm just going to call it Niagara Falls now the individual individual files you could rename those too I'm not going to but you could you can name them something more descriptive if these were all pictures of flowers you could write you know all of roses you could write you know Rose pitcher number one it's going to increment them as you go but I'm not going to rename them so we're going to leave it at that now the delete options is something that I would recommend you just copy Amman don't delete the originals that way if something goes wrong during the process or you accidentally delete them before you back them up you still have them on the SD card now if you're brave and you don't want to do it that way you could copy them verify that they were copied and then delete their originals or a lot quicker would be just copy them and then they deletes them as they copy them as I mentioned you're living dangerously if you do that I'm going to pick this one I'm not going to delete the originals and what I'll do is once I back them up to a an external hard drive and then I back them up to the cloud then I will delete them off the SD card if you pick this advanced dialog down here it you could you know pick individual shots that you don't want or you want to to bring into your catalog also you know it comes up with what we already did we have a custom name I named it Niagara Falls I'm not renaming the files it's there were people in here and you hit some red eyes you could automatically fix the red eyes on the import you could suggest it will allow it to suggest photo stacks to you which basically is just a way to sort them I'm not going to do that a group name custom tags so you could have tagged them as they come in I'm not going to do that but if you wanted to you could if you wanted to import them into a specific album you could do that too we we could do that now I don't have any album set up but I'm not going to do that right now because as I mention I'm trying to make these videos shorter and already I'm pleb and on and on and on we were going to use the basic metadata template that's the only one there and here this probably won't be there when you do it but put your name as the Creator and put a copyright is the year that you're doing this that way each it gets embedded in each file in the metadata each file that you created it and you own the copyright on it that's why if anyone's stole this photograph it's still embedded in the metadata that it's yours so do that then we click get media down here in the bottom right hand corner I don't know if you can see that because my website name is in the way but right here get media it's going to import them I only did ten because I'm trying to do it quickly as I mentioned and it imported them and this is the grid view as we're looking at each shot if I wanted to look at one close-up I could just click on it and it'll show the shot if I want to go back to the grid view just click up here and going back to the grid view there now you might want to tag these a lot of people like to tag their photographs now you can see I have six photographs of butterflies and there's already a keyword here of nature so I'm going to all you got to do is grab it and drag it over to a photograph and I tagged this butterfly as nature now a quicker way is if you have a like I have all a bunch in a row here is you click the first one in the row and you hold the shift key down and click the last one that could select it all of them now I can just grab the tag and drop it on any of them and it will tag all of them as you can see now I have three photographs here of the actual Niagara Falls so I want to tag those but I don't like any of these tags so I'm going to create my own and you click this plus sign here and I'm going to call it Niagara Falls and I don't want it in the nature category I want it in the photography category and I could put a note there maybe the date I was there which you know I taught my head I don't remember but you can put the date or you can put a no to who you were with or something that you want to put there click okay now I have the Negra Falls tag underneath my photography tag and I want to take these three photographs so I'll click on the first one hold the shift key down click on the last one they're all selected just drag that tag they're tagged now up top here we have a way we could categorize the media that we just imported if there were photographs of people I could sort the people and you could actually name them the organizer has facial recognition software in it so you could pick one person let's say you got Aunt Martha there you pick Aunt Martha and you write this is Aunt Martha finder and all the photographs organizer will go through all the photographs find out who it thinks Aunt Martha is and tag it with Aunt Martha it will then ask you will show you them on this is it'll say you know basically he write all these I think our Aunt Martha you know let me know if if any of them are wrong and then you just go through there will be little check boxes on the ones that aren't Aunt Martha it makes mistakes you know it's not perfect and then you could do that with all the people that happen to be in the photographs you imported in this case here this is a place so I'm going to tag it with a with I'm going to use this place category comes up with a map over here and obviously there's no media yet so we go down at the bottom it says ad places we click here and it shows a map of North America go in this search box and this was Niagara Falls Ontario click enter it will come down with suggestions in this case it only suggested one city and I was right and it's saying do you want to drop the flop the photos right here and that's good enough for me if I was getting fussy I could I could take some of these these butterfly one maybe and put them exactly where the Butterfly Conservatory was and these Falls ones right where the you know where we were standing but for the sake of doing this relatively quickly I'm going to take it right where it is and hit this check box and there they are they're tagged there we're done with this box here we click done now back in this view in places it shows um where on the map it is if I had some photographs I live in Buffalo New York if I had some photographs of Buffalo mixed in here and I clicked on that one this map would move and it would show me where in Buffalo I took the photograph and then I click back on this one and go back to Niagara Falls so the map basically shows you where you are events are very similar you're just going to do some events you could click add an event here and it will should be you know it could be um you know my wife's birthday party something like that and all the photographs that are in my library that were from my wife's birthday party I could put into the in event tab that's my wife's birthday party that's it that's um in a nutshell that's I think what you need to know in the organizer how to get your photos in and how to tag them if you want them tagged edit the metadata by putting your name in there and the copyright and if you want to categorize them places events put people's names you could do that that's it for this video in the next episode we're going to actually start editing some of the photographs and then we're it's going to be a very in-depth step-by-step process so there's going to be quite a few videos I think I I didn't outline the whole thing yet but I would imagine there's going to be about 10 to 15 um videos and all of those are going to be in the editor to show you how to use the editor so again guys thanks for watching look for that in episode 2 again if you could subscribe to my channel here on YouTube like the videos and comment on the videos I'd really appreciate it and come over to the website you know it's only been going I'm really happy with how it's been going so far it's been I think less than two months is I'm recording this and I get several hundred visitors a day so I'm real happy with the way it's coming along so thanks again and I'll talk to you guys soon

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