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Modificare le Foto in un Click con i Lightroom Preset – Cinematic Look Tutorial ITA

. As found on Youtube

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Edit A Waterfall Photo In Just 60 Seconds | Lightroom Mobile

What’s up crazy people I’m gonna be custom and today I’m gonna show you how to edit a waterfall photo in just 60 seconds all right let’s around the timer jump into it so I’ve gone ahead and imported the…

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Shazam Speed Drawing with Adobe Illustrator

Hey guys! This is Dan, creator of the Samurai Boy webcomic. I use Illustrator a lot to make my comics. And since I don’t see that many artists using it, I’ve decided to show you some of my process in…

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Lightroom Classic CC 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [General Overview]

In a short time we are going to get a general overview on how to use Adobe Lightroom CC Release 2019! Leave us tips and suggestions below this video to improve our next video guides dedicated to Adobe Creative Cloud….

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I’m very excited about I’ve been asked for another Lightroom tutorial since well my last flight room tutorial which I think was like last summer it’s funny too because it’s one of the programs that I literally use every single…

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Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

What’s up everybody to your mckinnon here and today we’re talking about why every photographer should be using Lightroom we’re going to go through some tips and tricks and techniques so that by the end of this video hopefully you’ll…

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