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Retro Triangle Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Today we’re going to use Illustrator’s powerful vector tools to make a retro style triangle pattern, which seamlessly repeats a series of randomly coloured shapes to cover an infinite size. Being vector artwork means the result is crisp and sharp,…

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Digital Marketing Transformation: Teil 1

[Music] the automotive we are completely change our in some ways core business the relationship with consumer and the chance to be really close with the user experience and and the way the customer interact with a brand is really…

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Marketing Live ’19 Day 1: From brand to demand

good afternoon everybody good afternoon my name is John Nicoletti I help to lead our retail strategy at Google I'm excited to talk about video and how it can help deliver better results for all of you now I realize…

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Glass Planet Vector Illustration – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Today, we’re going to take a look at creating this really cool, glass planet illustration effect that was inspired by this really cool piece of artwork I saw over on Dribbble, I’ve got a link right down there in the…

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