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How to use Adobe and Microsoft to deliver exceptional retail experiences

(pleasant electronic music) – [Narrator] With the power of integrated solutions from Adobe and Microsoft, you can deliver seamless, personalized experiences for your customers. Karen Berg is a loyal customer of an outdoor apparel retailer. She visits the retailer’s Facebook…

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How to use Adobe and Microsoft to deliver exceptional customer experiences

(cheerful music) – [Voiceover] Companies struggle to move customers from anonymous to advocate. In other words, taking a potential prospect, who is as yet, unknown to the company through the marketing and sales process to the point where the customer…

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Create Desert Pyramid Scene Illustration in Adobe Illustrator CC

(magical jingle) Hey everybody, welcome into this Adobe Illustrator tutorial brought to you by My name is Nathaniel Dodson and today we’re going to take a look at creating this really cool desert scene that you see right here,…

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