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Tubbirubi tubbirubi Adobe Lightroom 10 Lightroom Tips to Get Started learn to edit with ligthromm Hello everyone and welcome to a new video from RunbenGuo yess, today ten tips basics to start editing photos with ligthroom not only editing but…

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4 Tricks to Speed up Lightroom CLassic 2019

– All correct guys, in thisvideo, I wanna give you 4 recommendations to speed up Lightroom. I am utilizing an old MacBookPro from five years ago when I travel, and i useLightroom so much on it, and you know, thereare…

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How to Edit Skins in Adobe Lightroom With The New Texture Slider

Let’s find out how to use the new Texture Slider for skin softening in Adobe Lightroom. What’s going on guys? Ehsan is here with another quick Lightroom tutorial. For a long time, I had to use Photoshop for skin softening…

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