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How to edit AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

gotcha what’s up everybody Peter McKinnon here and today we’re talking about how to make your landscape photos better and get them to the next level using Lightroom and Photoshop and a couple tricks and tips along the way that…

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I’m very excited about I’ve been asked for another Lightroom tutorial since well my last flight room tutorial which I think was like last summer it’s funny too because it’s one of the programs that I literally use every single…

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Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

What’s up everybody to your mckinnon here and today we’re talking about why every photographer should be using Lightroom we’re going to go through some tips and tricks and techniques so that by the end of this video hopefully you’ll…

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How to make your photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial

What’s up all people Peter MacKinnon here and in these days we’re talking about how you can make your photos appear higher rapid k so you don’t while you get house somewhere you’ve gotten been taking pics perhaps vacation perhaps…

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