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Photoshop-Tutorial für Anfänger (Deutsch)

Photoshop can be a little confusing in the beginning but with the right instructions everything changes. You'll find a list of timecodes in the description below. In the beginning I drag a picture from its folder into Photoshop. Now the…

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Adobe Photoshop für iPad 2020 (Grundkurs für Anfänger) Deutsch (Tutorial)

Edit pictures and graphics professionally with the well-known Adobe Photoshop on the iPad. How the app works exactly, what is possible with it and how you can use it I will explain you in detail in this basic course. First,…

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Das Pinselwerkzeug in Photoshop Teil 1 – Grundlagen

here is patrick in today's video i explain the brush to you photoshop tool the brush tool is a very extensive one standard tool which is why i decided to do two on this topic to record parts in this…

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Adobe Photoshop 2020 (Grundkurs für Anfänger) Deutsch (Tutorial)

In this basic course I will take you into the world of Photoshop. How you can edit and change your pictures according to your ideas there we in detail and I'll explain how everything is set up in Photoshop, where…

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