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today I have a tutorial based around magazine layouts in Adobe InDesign both for print and web views that’s coming right up now how’s it going people welcome back to store graphics I hope you’re doing well today I’ve had…

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Adobe InDesign Tutorial – Booklet Layout For Print InDesign Tutorial

today I’ve got some awesome tips for you guys when working Adobe InDesign and designing a photography booklet perfect for print what is that people welcome back to Satori graphics the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube…

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ISOMETRIC Illustrator Tutorial: Isometric Tips & Techniques

today a highly requested video on how tomake an isometric design and I’m gonna show you how to make an isometric laptopin today’s Illustrator tutorial we first need to make an isometric grid but it isstraight it doesn’t have that…

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Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial – 5 AWESOME Pen Tool Tips For Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator pen tool tutorial, at present i’ve five quite remarkable pen tool guidelines for adobe illustrator in order to save you time and headaches welcome again to Satori pix Tom here with an extra graphic design suggestions video it can…

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5 COOL WAYS TO ENHANCE TEXT IN ILLUSTRATOR – Illustrator Text Effects – Satori Graphics

At present i’ve five cool methods to increase textual content in Illustrator with these textual content effects which you can try for your self you what’s up people it’s tom with satori graphics again again with a further image design…

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