EU investigation into Adobe and Figma deal temporarily halted as regulators await crucial data

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The European Union (EU) has decided to put a pause on its investigation into the acquisition deal between Adobe and Figma. Regulators are eagerly awaiting essential data before proceeding with the probe, as reported by Reuters.

Background of the Deal

Adobe, a renowned software company, had announced its plan to acquire Figma, a leading design and prototyping tool in the market. The EU, responsible for ensuring fair competition within the European market, initiated an investigation to examine the potential impact of this acquisition on competition and consumer choice.

Halting the Investigation

Having considered the complexity of the deal and the significance it poses to the industry, the EU has decided to temporarily halt the investigation. This decision intends to allow more time for crucial data to be collected and analyzed by the regulators.

Waiting for Crucial Data

Regulators have made it clear that they cannot proceed with the investigation until they have obtained all the necessary information and data surrounding the deal. This data is pivotal to form a well-informed decision regarding the potential ramifications of the acquisition.

The Importance of Data in the Decision-making Process

Data plays a crucial role in enabling regulators to assess the potential impact of mergers and acquisitions on the market. By analyzing relevant data, regulators can effectively evaluate whether the deal would result in a concentration of market power, which may harm competition and ultimately affect consumers.

Ensuring Fair Competition

The EU’s investigation into the Adobe and Figma deal is part of its commitment to maintaining fair competition and protecting consumer interests. The EU has stringent rules and regulations in place to prevent abuse of market dominance and to safeguard consumer choice.

Analyzing the Impact on Competitors

During the investigation, regulators will thoroughly analyze the potential effects of the deal on competitors in the market. The goal is to ensure that the acquisition does not undermine healthy competition or lead to monopolistic practices that could harm other industry players.

Protecting Consumer Interests

The EU’s focus on consumer interests is paramount in its decision-making process. Regulators will carefully consider how the Adobe-Figma deal may impact consumers, including any potential changes to pricing, product availability, or innovation.

An Uncertain Future

While the EU regulators await the crucial data, the pause in the investigation leaves the future of the Adobe-Figma deal uncertain. The outcome of the investigation will significantly influence whether the acquisition can proceed without posing significant concerns for fair competition and consumer welfare.


The EU’s decision to pause the investigation into the Adobe and Figma deal emphasizes the importance of thorough analysis and reliable data in assessing the potential impact on competition and consumers. The outcome of the investigation will shape the future of the deal and determine whether it can proceed while maintaining fair market conditions.


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