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The Background: Adobe and Figma Partnership

Adobe and Figma, two prominent players in the design software industry, recently announced their partnership. The deal aims to enhance the design abilities of both platforms and provide users with a more seamless experience. However, the proposed partnership has caught the attention of European Union (EU) regulators, who have hit the pause button on their investigation as they await crucial data.

The EU Probe on the Adobe and Figma Deal

The European Commission, responsible for competition matters in the EU, has launched an investigation into the partnership between Adobe and Figma. The EU probe intends to ensure that the deal does not result in anti-competitive practices or harm the interests of other market participants.

Competition regulators are particularly concerned about the potential impact on competition in the design software market. Both Adobe and Figma are recognized leaders in their respective domains, and the partnership could give them a significant advantage over their competitors. The EU wants to examine whether this collaboration will hinder fair competition and limit consumer choices.

The Delay: Regulators Await Data

While the EU’s investigation into the Adobe and Figma deal has begun, it has currently been paused. Regulators have requested additional data from the companies involved, which is crucial to their assessment of the potential impact on competition.

The EU authorities have given Adobe and Figma a deadline to provide the requested information. Once they receive the necessary data, the investigation will resume and continue its evaluation process. The extra time granted to the companies allows them to gather and submit the required information, ensuring a comprehensive analysis by the regulators.

The Implications for the Design Software Market

The outcome of the EU investigation will have far-reaching implications for the design software market. If the partnership between Adobe and Figma is approved without any conditions, it could potentially strengthen their dominant positions and limit competition.

On the other hand, if the EU identifies concerns related to fair competition, it may impose certain conditions or even block the partnership altogether. This outcome would potentially open up opportunities for other design software companies, enabling them to compete more efficiently in the market.

The Importance of Fair Competition

The EU’s investigation serves as a reminder of the significance of fair competition in the digital landscape. When dominant players join forces, it can create barriers for smaller competitors, restrict consumer choices, and hinder innovation.

The European Commission, as a competition watchdog, aims to ensure a level playing field and a healthy marketplace for businesses and consumers alike. By closely examining partnerships like the one between Adobe and Figma, the EU demonstrates its commitment to preserving fair competition and protecting the interests of market participants.


The EU’s investigation into the partnership between Adobe and Figma is currently on hold as regulators await the necessary data from the companies. This pause reflects the EU’s commitment to thoroughly analyze the potential impact on competition in the design software market.

The outcome of this investigation will greatly influence the future landscape of the industry and potentially reshape the competitive dynamics among design software providers. By closely monitoring such partnerships, the EU aims to ensure a fair, innovative, and diverse marketplace for all stakeholders involved.


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