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Introduction: The EU Regulators’ Decision

European Union regulators have temporarily halted their investigation into the proposed deal between Adobe and Figma. The regulators have requested further information from both parties involved in the transaction. This delay is aimed at obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the potential implications of the deal and ensuring that all relevant factors are taken into account before moving forward.

The Adobe-Figma Deal

The deal between Adobe and Figma has attracted significant attention in the tech industry. Adobe, one of the world’s leading software companies, intends to acquire Figma, a collaborative design tool. The acquisition is expected to enhance Adobe’s design capabilities and broaden its reach in the design software market.

Regulatory Concerns

However, the proposed deal has raised concerns among EU regulators. They are particularly interested in examining its potential impact on competition in the design software market. The EU has a regulatory mandate to ensure fair competition and prevent monopolistic practices that may stifle innovation and harm consumers.

Seeking Additional Information

The EU regulators have put the investigation on hold to gather more information from both Adobe and Figma. This additional data will assist in assessing the potential effects of the deal and deciding whether any regulatory actions need to be taken.

The Importance of Transparency and Collaboration

Transparency and collaboration are essential for a comprehensive understanding of the deal’s potential impact. The European Union’s decision to delay the investigation reflects its commitment to conducting a thorough review process. By seeking additional information, regulators aim to make an informed decision that considers the interests of all stakeholders.

Implications for Adobe and Figma

The decision to delay the investigation may have implications for both Adobe and Figma. While the delay prolongs the uncertainty surrounding the deal, it also provides an opportunity for the companies to address any concerns raised by the regulators. By cooperating fully and providing the requested information, Adobe and Figma can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and fair competition.

The Future Outlook

Once the EU regulators have gathered all the necessary information, they will resume their evaluation of the Adobe-Figma deal. The final decision may impose certain conditions or require adjustments to the transaction to ensure compliance with EU competition laws.


The temporary hold on the investigation into the Adobe-Figma deal demonstrates the European Union’s dedication to fair competition and thorough evaluation of proposed mergers and acquisitions. This delay allows regulators to gather additional information and make an informed decision on the potential impact of the deal. Both Adobe and Figma have the opportunity to collaborate and address any concerns raised by the regulators, fostering transparency and ensuring a fair competitive landscape in the design software market.


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